Who am I?


My name is Jennifer, also Jen or Meiwan, and currently I am still a Bachelor degree student in both Luxembourg and Finland. Where I am originally from is a long story, but maybe someday I might want to share this with you in another post.

I am probably one of many young dreamers. Studying international hospitality and tourism management has widen my eyes and horizon to a whole new aspect of this world. As a kid, I was lucky to travel a lot due to my parents’ passion. And I guess that I carry this on. (At least one thing that I can carry on in this family).

Not only am I a wanderlust-oriented person, I have lots of other passions such as drawing, photography and others. I love meeting new people from all over the world and learn about other cultures. One of my favourite topics: Food. In my previous blog, I shared some insights and tips in Barcelona and I guess I will maintain this.

This blog is a new start. This year, 2016, my goal is to travel as much as possible, even if it is on a low budget. Right now, on the spot, I’m at Helsinki airport waiting for boarding. My first destination this year will be… Seville.

Love, Jen


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