The Beauty of Seville

In my previous post, which was also my very first post, I mentioned my first destination of this year. I am in Seville right now, visiting one of my friends that I met during my internship last summer in Barcelona. She has been telling me over and over again, how beautiful Seville is and that I have to come and visit her before she finishes her Bachelor and leaves this beautiful city. So I did.

Arriving here on Thursday night/Friday morning, I felt quite exhausted. But the Spanish ambiance of this city kept me awake. After 1am, Mariam and I went for a walk to the beautiful and famous place called Triana. It’s the river side of Seville and this place definitely has its own charm. Since Seville does not have a beach, this riverbank compensates it.


Mariam was a great and wonderful host during my stay. The next morning, she showed me around whole Seville, and brought me to a bar on El Corte Inglés to enjoy the stunning view all over Seville with a glass of white wine. At that moment, I just valued the prosperity that I have to be able to travel.


This glass of wine was.. magical. Since I’ve been studying in Finland, I have realised how different lifestyles in different countries can be. Having lived in Barcelona during summer 2015 for a few months, I took it for granted to have a glass of wine from time to time. In Finland, the rate of alcohol is well-known to be extremely high. So ever since my studies in Finland, I appreciate any glass of wine that I have much more. (Don’t get me wrong, ladies and gentlemen, I am no alcoholic. I just appreciate the taste of wine at the right time and right place.)




This is my favourite part about any Spanish place: the hidden spots. Spain is a beautiful destination for lovers, friends and a great place to meet new people. And for gastronomy lovers, Seville is your destination for sure.


Mariam is quite a professional when it comes to gastro, food and beverage. She told me that every month, new gastro bars open in Seville, so the number of great restaurants with creative concepts are growing and growing and so is the competition.


Seville is at some point inspired by the Moroccan architecture and history. That is probably a reason why there are so many tea shops all around the city, where you have the stands outside and can smell the tea fusion before buying it.


Plaza d’España


On my second day, Mariam and her roommate Koko showed me around to one of the magic places of Seville, Plaza d’España. Since my arrival, Mariam was so excited about showing me this touristic attraction. Well she got a reason for that excitement. Before arriving there, she covered my eyes and I had that magical moment. The moment I opened my eyes in front of this place, I was speechless. This place is absolutely stunning. (Another interesting fact for the “Star Wars” lovers, some parts of the movie have been shot here. Also the palace of “The Dictator” is inspired by this place)


It is called Plaza d’España for a reason: All the cities of Spain are listed and represented at this monument with a wall designed with the traditions and beliefs of the city.





I had a blast, and I am so grateful for those very cozy days in beautiful Seville. I’ve got to say.. I fell in love with Seville. I have been traveling a lot in Spain, and I have visited some places.. but Seville was authentic. I really wish to come back some day.. until then there is more to discover.


Love, Jen


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