The four seasons of Corsica


Corsica, what a wonderful place to be. This was my second destination of my trip and I felt like traveling back in time. The first time I went there was some 14 years ago, and all I remembered was the beautiful nature, the amazing landscapes, and the clear green-blue lakes, which are mostly deep inside the forest.


This time, my reason to go there is mainly to visit my boyfriend(P). This year, I am doing my double degree study in Finland, while he is doing his erasmus semester on a little French island. Arriving there, I already felt home just because of his presence. Have you ever had this feeling?

Anyway, back to topic. To be honest, while being there, he organised my trip perfectly from the beginning until the end. My requirement was easy to be fulfilled. I mainly wanted to go hiking and visit some little towns, and that’s what we did. He rent a car and drove me from North to South, from East to West, through the mountains and back. Basically this trip was a road trip and it felt just right. I felt free.


Now you probably wonder, why I call this post the four seasons of Corsica. As mentioned, Corsica has splendid landscapes, from seaside to mountains. Basically, we had 15-20°C at the seaside during the sunny afternoon in Ajaccio and in the evening, while driving back home, we got stuck in snow at -1°C. The car we rent was not meant to be driven in snow, so we end up waiting for approximately 1 hour until the snow clearing machine passed by and free the road.


The Sea

Yes, as in Seville, there was no sea, I really enjoyed the trip we took to the seaside. This stunning cliff you see on the pictures below is located in Bonifacio. Amazing, isn’t it? I loved every second spent there, as I breathe in the salt and fresh air. I feel like I could escape this mad world for a second and it just made that moment perfect.




There is one little advice that I would give you out there, if you are interested to visit Corsica. It is probably one of the incredible island in Europe where you’ll be surprised by its natural beauty, however, make sure you go during the right season. Off-season means dead cities, restaurant and hotel renovations, and no guided land or sea activities.

Recommended season: May – June – September

Summer and tourism season: July – August


Hiking route GR20

On my last day in Corsica, P took me on a hiking tour. Sadly, the weather was not as expected.. We had sun but also snow, which made the whole hiking tour a little more difficult and dangerous. I really enjoyed this, however, ended up the hike much earlier due to heavy fog and slipping danger.





Lunch break view


I did quite some visits and I loved to be back. Nevertheless, I have to admit that this trip would not have been that amazing without P. Thank you for taking me around Corsica, for refreshing my good old memory again and for making new ones at the same time.


I love and miss you.



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