The calm before the storm

I’m currently at the airport of Helsinki, checked in all my luggages and ready to come home. It’s funny how I was sitting here at the same gate exactly two months and a half ago, waiting for the flight to go on my trip to Sevilla // Corsica. That was the moment I decided to start my blog. And here we are again.

I cannot believe that today is the day, I am leaving Finland for good. If you have read my previous blogpost, you know how much I’ve been enjoying the last few months here. In Finland, or in the nordic countries in general, we can say that what makes the difference is their lifestyle. They grow up with the love towards the nature. Even though I am from Luxembourg, and I live in the country side, I really find this lifestyle peaceful and soothing especially if you compare it to the hectic everyday life in the metropolitan.

This picture was taken in October in Kuopio. The Finnish sunset.I swear, there was no filter needed.


These pictures below have been captured at the end of April in Kuopio.


I guess the reason I’ve been appreciating this time and space so much is that I know that after my time at home, I will be facing a new adventure again. At the end of June, I will start another chapter in China, Guangzhou, for another 6 months. I’m glad and very excited about this, as it has been my goal since the last few years. It is an opportunity to finally learn about my own culture, and to discover the country where my family is originally from.

But that journey only begins at the end of June. Until then, I still have a few small trips planned. And I am looking forward to share them with you. Time for boarding. Next destination: London – Let’s hope I’ll be able to exit the airport during the waiting time.

Love, Jen


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