Budapest; the hidden treasure chest

Oh good old Budapest. Two months ago, Rose and I decided quite spontaneously to book this short city trip to Budapest. The goal was to go to a sunny and warm place for a good and reasonable price. So we end up in this beautiful city, again (at least for me). The first time, I came here was in June 2013, right after my my final exams in high school. I remember that back then, the weather was extremely hot and you could not stand the midday heat at all. This time, I can’t say it wasn’t hot, but definitely, more bearable and enjoyable concerning the weather.

We spent most of our time walking, even though I’ve got to say that taking the metro is quite convenient and easy. The main reason, we decided to walk a lot is because we wanted to explore more and also as we ate a lot, it was a great way to digest better (Oh yes, we are food lovers! 😉 )

Buda Castle


Szechenyi Bridge


The Central Market Hall – Nagyvásárcsarnok

This is a great place to visit. Even though, you might think “Why would I spend my time in a market place?”. It’s true as a tourist, you might not necessarily need to visit this place, however, I find it quite popular and charming. It is based on two floors and you can find all ingredients needed for the Hungarian cuisine. From food to souvenirs, there is a lot available. And if you would like to try out some Hungarian specialties, you can easily find them there too (but probably a little overpriced..).


As we were craving for some aperitifs, we got some olives and feta cheese filled peppers in different forms and tastes. They were very delicious!


Hungarian Cabbage Rolls – Töltött Káposzta

As mentioned above, the restaurants on the second floor can be quite pricey. Make sure the prices are listed, otherwise, ask before ordering.


St Stephen’s Basilica



Heroes Square – Hősök tere


The Parliament – Országház


Unfortunately, I only took  a few pictures with my camera and ended up using my phone camera for most of the time with my fun little gadget, a fisheye lens clip. I really had fun with the gadget as it gives a different effect to the pictures.



Check out my YouTube channel by clicking on the picture. We made a little vlog of our three days trip with our phone camera and the fisheye lens.

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 12.22.35.png

As you can recognise, Budapest is a great place to be. We enjoyed the last evening at the riverside and watched the sunset with long talks and a glass of wine. Rose and I have been hanging out intensively the last 12 months and it is hard to believe that we will go different ways very soon. A good friend, who shares the same love and passion to food and who encourages your ambition, is hard to find. Thank you for making these university years so much more bearable and fun!

Love, Jen




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