International Street Food Festival in Luxembourg

Oh yes, finally I was able to attend one of these events, which have been popping up regularly ever since I left Luxembourg. As soon as I heard about this international street food festival, I could not resist to go. So I did.

I went there on Saturday with my boyfriend and  we were quite lucky with the weather as the event is held partly outdoor and indoor. We decided to go around first to check out  the stands, which are basically food trucks. The second time, we decided on what food to try out. I am personally very happy to try out new, creative and international food, which I have never had before.


The picture above is the Elvis Dog from the Honolulu Dog. We found this one inside the hall and thought that this stand was serving something extraordinary. This hot dog was presented with peanut butter sauce, a stripe of bacon, banana slices and topped with cornflakes. Sounds super gross? I do agree. But surprisingly, it was tasty!


Have you ever been to Venezuela? Me neither. But apparently, I can say that I have tried some typical Venezuelan food. This dish is called Arepas, and is a traditional meal in the south American countries. It is made of chicken with a sort of curry spice and some little vegetables. The way f serving reminds me of a kebab, however, the taste is very different and somehow healthier as well.


Last but not least, we tried out another stand which was inside the hall, named ‘The Little Fat Girl’. Interesting name, I thought. The dish was called Cochinita, and made of pulled pork on a sort of fresh and bready layer, topped with cheese, onions, guacamole and black olives. I am neutral about this dish. They added a good shot of alcohol to the pulled pork, which created a strong aftertaste.

Unfortunately, we could not fit much more into our stomach.. and sadly I found some of the street foods were quite overpriced.

The event is held from Friday 10th June until Sunday 12th June in Schifflange. So if you are currently reading this and got hungry, get ready and go!

I haven’t been posting much lately as I have been enjoying the time spent at home with my loved ones. But it seems like I will have to start packing soon again as soon, I will be heading to Guangzhou. As far as I know, this city is perfectly well known for its dim sum and street foods, so I can’t wait to blog about this in the near future.

Until then, go have some street food in Schifflange!

Love, Jen.


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