Ociani Luxembourg

Ociani is a Senegalese and Creole restaurant in Luxembourg city. As I once participated in a food festival two years ago, my team and I represented Cameroon and Senegal. That’s when I was first introduced to the African kitchen. And eventually I got to taste the dishes.


My sister and I took a Bissap Juice. It is made of dried hibiscus and I remember how a friend and I prepared this one for the food festival. It was good times and this juice was  refreshing up the memories.


My main course was called Dibi. I was first opting for the Yassa Chicken, but then my sister told me that Dibi is a lamb dish and really delicious. And I can’t agree more. It was one of the best lamb dishes I have ever had. Perfectly well done.


My cousin took Yassa Chicken and I suppose he was very satisfied with his choice as well. And my sister chose to try a Creole dish, called Arroz Ociani, which is basically made of seafood, veggies and rice. A super healthy and colourful dish.


We had a very pleasant evening and enjoyed the new experience. Whoever likes spices, shall like the Senegalese kitchen and should taste Ociani. The friendly service and the quality of the food have quickly made it on to my must-go-back list in Luxembourg.

Love, Jen


Restaurant: Ociani, 6 Rue Bender, L-1229 Luxembourg



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