Canton Tower 广州塔

Dim Sum

I have been in Guangzhou since Tuesday, but I already went for some touristic attractions with my brother. We went out in the morning and took the metro to the Canton Tower station. Arrived at the destination, the walk wasn’t far until you get to see the gigantic tower above you. As we were quite hungry, we decided to go for Dim Sum first, the most traditional Cantonese breakfast or brunch.

To be honest, I can’t tell the name of the restaurant, but it was located underneath the tower and you can easily differentiate the restaurant from others. It was right next to a mini stand and there was a host standing in front of the restaurant, who then brought us to the table. Of course, for my brother and I, we are quite unprivileged as we do not read or speak Mandarin, however, they offered an English described menu.


Char Siu Bao – Steamed bun filled with roasted pork


Chiu Zhou Fun Gor – Chiu Zhou steamed dumpling filled with pork and shrimps


Dan Tat – Chinese egg tarts


Steamed red cargo filled with tempura shrimps

The last dish was really special and delicious. First time I tried it and I loved it. At this place you pay after the order, and we even got a discount (I guess for the early arrival). This restaurant is totally recommendable.

Up in the sky



We took the second offer which we purchased for 228 RMB. This allowed us to access floor 107 and the top floor, which go from the height of 376 – 450 m up the in the sky. The panoramic view over the whole city was stunning. At the end, I also went for the sky drop, which is at the very top of the tower. I am usually not a big fan of sky drops, but that one, that moment was surreal.

Love, Jen



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