A Closing Chapter: Where the Sun Sets.

As you may or may not know, I am currently still in Kuopio, the 8th largest town in Finland. I can’t believe that I almost made it. This time one year ago, I thought to myself: “Oh Jen, is this the right choice? Do you really want to spend one year in Finland?” And I guess, today, I can reply to myself. For sure it was the right decision! Life in Finland has been an on-going roller coaster. But I guess that’s anyone’s life abroad, isn’t it?

It is beginning of May and summer is approaching really quick. It is funny to realise that a few weeks ago, there was still snow around and I was still wearing warm jackets and hunting for northern lights. Now I am struggling to face the warm temperatures.I am glad I am still here, as currently, I have been enjoying the beautiful landscapes of Mother Nature that Finland has to offer.

IMG_9837.JPGIMG_9857- Globetrotter.jpgIMG_9838.JPGIMG_9843.JPGIMG_9881-1.jpgNow,  I totally understand why local people love the summer in Finland. The sunrises and sunsets are unbelievably beautiful and the sky is bright for around 18-20 hours per day. Soon, there will be the white nights in the northern countries, which means that there will be no complete darkness.

IMG_9863.JPG IMG_9890-2.jpg

The last few days, I have been and will be spending my evenings enjoying the the quiet, the peace and beauty of Finland.



Thank you Sven Van Kempen for this lovely Group Picture.

Thank you for this great evening and the fun memories made. The world is small and we may see each other again! Next destination is Home, sweet Home.

Love, Jen



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