A Day in Düsseldorf

On Thursday, I went to Düsseldorf for a short day trip with my boyfriend. As I will be gone by tomorrow, we wanted to have a little escape before the big adventure.

I have never properly been to Düsseldorf before and found this city quite comfortable and convenient. Somehow we ended up in the Korean and Japanese Town, even though we did not intend to. We ate at a restaurant called Korea (very original I know). There are not many Korean restaurants in Luxembourg, and for most of the time they are opened by Chinese people. So I was quite surprised to hear the servers speaking Korean to each other and see the Korean decoration of the restaurant.


As you can see, I opted for my easy and favourite Bibimbap. I love it because it is served super hot in that stone bowl. It consists of some veggies and minced beef, an egg and some Korean red pepper spice. Easy to make but super delicious.My boyfriend took the Japchae, glass noodles with vegetables, beef and rice.


A few side dishes came along, such as Kimchi in different forms; cucumber, bean sprouts and the typical cabbage. There was also some sort of veggie pancake and potato salad, which is obviously more German oriented. The service was very friendly and even offered us some fresh slices of watermelon.


After the tasty lunch, we walked through the Korean town still and finally ended up in the city centre. We did some shops and simply enjoyed the great afternoon.


Tomorrow is the big day. So my Sunday will be all about packing..

I hope yours is better.. so have a wonderful one! Let’s hope that I’ll arrive safe and sound on the other side of the world and will be able to blog. Until then…

Love, Jen


Korea, Bismarckstrasse 51/ Ecke Oststrasse, 40210 Düsseldorf



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