A walk through London

In my last post, I mentioned that I will try to escape the airport. As I arrived in the early morning and my connected flight was at around early evening, I spontaneously decided to go for a city tour with my hand luggage and backpack. Very spontaneous indeed, I took the metro from Heathrow Airport to Piccadilly Circus. Somehow I wouldn’t suggest this mean of transportation if you are in a hurry as it took me around one hour to the centre.  (the express train takes only 15 minutes)

Piccadilly Circus


But first, let me have a coffee

Coffee does make a difference to a good morning. Arrived in the centre, I strayed around and ended up at Soho district and opted for a cappuccino at Costa. I ordered a cappuccino with popcorn flavor and I would definitely recommend this one, if you like popcorn. (I haven’t had sweet popcorn in a long while, since Finland only serves salty popcorn)


Despite the lack of sleep and the carry-ons, I was surprisingly in a very good mood. I really enjoyed being by myself and as soon as I arrived in the centre, I started to wander around without any map, and without any specific goal in mind. As this was my third or fourth time in London, I was not completely lost. However, I did not know either where exactly to go as I did not intent to do any specific sightseeing. And off I went.



I walked for around two to three hours and saw quite some important monuments in the end. Unfortunately, as I had my luggage with me, I could not take out my actual camera to take the pictures, so I only took snapshots with my phone.


The National Gallery at the Trafalgar Square


Big Ben


London Eye




It was a long walk but I felt great. I went back to the airport and encountered Taffy, a lovely friend I met last summer in Barcelona. It’s funny to realise how small this world is and how coincidence bring you together. Of course, when I knew that I was able to exit the airport I tried to contact her. But I did not actually expect that it would happen that we’d meet at the airport because she intended to go there anyway. It was a short but wonderful catch up.

The day in London very quickly came to an end. Happy but exhausted, I was looking forward to getting on the plane for my last destination of that day.

Final destination: Luxembourg


At some point, I still cannot believe that I’m home. It’s been such a long time I haven’t been waking up in my own bed and been spending quality time with my loved ones. This has been a week already since I’m back. I have decided to explore more around my own little home country and share some insights with you. let’s see what will be in my upcoming post.

Until then, take care.

Love, Jen


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